Snow Sledding Safety Tips

Sledding during the winter season offers a chance for you, your friends and family to have fun and get the well-deserved exercise. However, we can’t forget that with activities like snow sledding, safety must always be taken into account. So, as you go out there braving the piles of snow to go snow sledding, below are some tips to ensure that you return home safe and sound:

  • Get trained. Many may think that snow sledding is an easy task, and almost everyone can do it. Wrong. You will need to be trained by an expert in the art, someone who has been doing it for a while. They will teach you how to balance on the sled and how you are to steer the sled downhill.
  • Pick The Right Sled. Every Snow Sled or Toboggan varies is shape, size and material. Make sure to do your research and find the sled that fits and you can handle.
  • Wear the right gear. Safety first is the key to survival out there on the snow. You have to wear helmets among other safety gears. On top of that, you also have to dress well to fight the cold. You need to wear something that will completely protect you from the cold.
  • Check weather forecast. Just because you can handle the outdoor temperature, it does not mean it is always safe to go sledding. Make sure to also consider the chilling factor of the wind and the snow¬† and road conditions.
  • Right terrain. Once you have made sure you are ready for the actual sledding; you need to choose the right terrain. This is one is fully covered in snow, with no dry patches. It should¬† also not hard to navigate as you speed down the hill.
  • Safety first, Be Cool later. Do not try to be cool out there on the snow. Some stunts might look like they will make you cool, but there is nothing cool about broken bones in the E.R. Do not attempt to sled headfirst downhill.

Snow Sledding is Not Just for Kid’s Anymore

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Winter is only a few months away. When the winter is at its peak, this is usually a very depressing period. Everyone is usually cooped up somewhere, trying to keep warm. The number of people moving along the streets is usually very minimal. In most cases, it is just the maintenance workers who are trying to clear the passageways. You may be asking yourself what fun activities you can do during this period, to reduce the feeling of depression.

The benefits include:-

  • Keeps fit. Snow sledding helps one keep fit. Sledding down the hill may not seem like much work, which is true. The main task is going uphill while dragging a sled. You burn a lot of calories walking along that snow-filled path. You also work on your core body strength as you move up the hill. The downhill slide also increases your heart rate following the adrenaline rush, which is good for the heart. Controlling the sled downhill also sharpens your reflexes.
  • Pressure release. Snow sledding is a fun way to release pressure that you have been holding on you. It leads to less stress, which in turn lowers the blood pressure. Snow sledding just makes every participant happy. You forget all of your troubling concerns for a moment.
  • Bonding. The activity is also a fun way for you to bond with your kids for those that find it difficult to spend quality time with them. With the hassles from on pause for a while, this would be a good activity to help you and your family to bond again.

So do not be left out this winter. Get yourself a sled and drive your family up the hills, and witness the transformation first hand.